Energy Redress Scheme

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Energy Saving Trust has been appointed by Ofgem to distribute payments from Ofgem regulated companies who may have breached rules. Registered organisations, in England, Scotland and Wales, can apply for grant funding to deliver energy related projects that meet the scheme priorities. Successful projects are selected with input from an independent panel of experts.

Registered charities can apply for funding under all schemes. Additionally, the following organisations can now apply to the Innovation and Carbon Emissions Reduction Fund:

  • Community Interest Companies
  • Co-operative Societies
  • Community Benefit Societies

Organisations interested in applying for funding must first register with the scheme, so that the Energy Redress team can check their organisation status, internal governance arrangements and financial health. Organisations that pass the due diligence process will be notified when funding rounds open and given access to the Energy Redress Dashboard to apply for funding. Organisations only need to register once with the scheme.

Please note that the registration form asks for:

  • Contact details
  • Charity/Company/Registration number
  • Your organisational objectives
  • Insurance levels
  • Information Commissioner’s Office reference number (if applicable)

The Energy Redress grants are paid quarterly in arrears and so an organisation must be confident they can manage these payment terms if their application is successful.

As part of the financial due diligence process, the Energy Redress team reviews each organisation's latest published accounts online. New organisations will need to delay registering with the scheme until their first set of accounts has been published.

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