Thank you for taking the time to complete this form. Energy Saving Trust will use the information you supply to assess whether your charity is eligible to apply for funding through the Energy Redress Scheme, the information you provide here will not be shared with any third parties.

Section 1 will ask you to provide your charity registration number, this will be used to check information about your charity on the Charity Register. Charities need to demonstrate they are in good financial standing by showing a healthy level of reserves and recent accounts. If your charity is unable to demonstrate this, it will not be considered eligible at this stage. but you are welcome to re-apply at a later date once this has been rectified.

Sections 2-4 will ask you to self-declare information about the levels of insurance your charity has, as well as the processes and procedures you have in place. Answers given in this section will not affect your eligibility to apply for funding, however if you submit a full application, this information may be given more weighting and you may be asked to supply evidence of the information you have provided.

Section 5 will ask you to declare any conflict of interests. Charities applying for Energy Redress Scheme funding must have no close links to energy companies in Great Britain regulated by Ofgem. If your charity is unable to declare they have no such conflicts, they will not be eligible to apply for funding through this scheme.

Organisation Information

Only registered charities may apply for funding under the Energy Redress Scheme.

Contact Address (if different to above)

Summarise the charitable objectives from your charities governing documents here (Max 200 words).

Only projects that operate within England, Wales & Scotland are eligible for funding

Self Assessment

Applicants for Energy Redress Scheme funding will need to demonstrate they are of good financial standing, have good governance and effective performance. If, or when, you submit a full application for funding you may be requested to provide documented evidence of the below.

Does your charitable organisation or Local Authority have:

In the absence of ISO 9001 certification do you operate the following policies or procedures:

Data Protection


Further information about your charity

Declare conflict of interest

Recipients of Energy Redress Scheme funding, or their delivery partners, must not have close links to energy companies in Great Britain regulated by Ofgem, who could themselves be the subject of possible Ofgem enforcement action. Such energy companies include, but are not limited to, suppliers of electricity and/or gas, companies which transport electricity and/or gas and companies which generate electricity or produce gas.

By submitting this form I confirm that the information given and in any supporting documentation provided in connection with this pre-application is true, accurate and complete.

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You will receive a notification from our team letting you know whether or not you are eligible to apply for funding through this scheme.

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